Creating belonging, equity and pride in our school


At Otago Girls' High School, uniform creates belonging, equity and pride in our school. We wear our uniform proudly to show who we are, and our connection to each other - and those who have gone before us. 

General Guidelines

  • Makeup and jewellery, except for one plain stud in each ear, are not permitted
  • All clothing must be clearly named
  • Hair must be tied back for Health and Safety purposes

Footwear and Blazer

  • Black leather laced shoes and the navy blazer are worn throughout the year

Summer Uniform (for Terms 1 & 4)

  • Navy skirt with blue summer shirt from NZ Uniforms
  • White crew socks
  • Optional navy regulation trousers
  • Navy blazer

Winter Uniform (for Terms 2 & 3)

  • Green Douglas kilt
  • Navy blazer
  • White pointed collar blouse (long-sleeved, deep collar)
  • Junior tie - plain navy, Senior tie - navy and white striped
  • Navy V-neck jersey/vest
  • Navy pantyhose or over-the-knee socks
  • Optional plain navy coat for wet days
  • Green Douglas tartan scarf (available from school)
  • Optional navy regulation trousers

Regulation School Bag

  • Purchase the navy and black school bag from NZ Uniforms

Sports Uniform

  • Official PE top and shorts with appropriate sports shoes and socks, available from NZ Uniforms

Team Uniform

  • Girls playing school sports will receive information about the required team uniform

Uniform Shop

  • Second-hand uniforms available at the school's shop at the school office
  • Purchase new uniforms from NZ Uniforms in Moray Place