Financial Statement & Policies

Our promise of Transparency and Accountability

Financial statements

Welcome to Otago Girls' High School's Annual Accounts and Policies Page. Here, we provide transparency and accountability by sharing our financial reports and important policies, ensuring our community is informed and involved in our school's governance.


At Otago Girls' High School, our operations adhere to policies and procedures approved by the School Board. We offer various policies that may be of interest to parents. These guidelines serve as a framework for our daily operations, ensuring legal compliance, and fostering efficient and consistent decision-making processes.


Our procedures are designed to create a safe and healthy environment for all students, including your daughter, by identifying and mitigating hazards, promoting safe and healthy living options, and fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability among all members of our school community. By following these procedures, we can provide a secure and supportive environment that allows your daughter to thrive and reach her full potential.