Academic Information


We offer a flexible structure of intensive English and general curriculum programmes for all international students.

An outline of courses available can be found in the Otago Girls’ High School profile. It is important to choose your courses carefully, if you want to go to university or return to school in your own country.  The Dean of International Students regularly checks students’ achievement and progression in subjects.  Adjustments to courses are possible upon consultation. It is most beneficial for students who want to gain university entrance to do at least a two year course starting in Year 12. 

English Language Programme

All international students are supported by the English Language (EL) programme, with intensive English or full mainstream subjects. On arrival, an assessment of the student’s English level is made and students are placed in courses accordingly. As students gain proficiency in English they move into more mainstream subjects.  Some subject tutorials are available during school lunch breaks. Extra tuition in English and mainstream subjects can be arranged on a private basis. All students in English Language classes are required to do Speech New Zealand OCESOL (Oral Communication in English for Speakers of Other Languages examination). Some students choose to sit other international English language tests: IELTS, iBT TOEFL or TOEIC at the Otago University Language Centre.

Outdoor Education

Leadership and outdoor education opportunities are available and are popular in New Zealand schools.  Camps in beautiful locations are part of certain courses.  The annual four day ski camp takes place in August in school time. Daily ski classes are provided by fully trained ski instructors. There is an additional cost involved for these trips.




Private Music and Speech Lessons

Group music tuition in orchestral instruments is available at Otago Girls' High School in school time. There is a small cost for instrument hire if required. Private lessons in piano, orchestral instruments, speech and drama can be arranged with highly qualified tutors at an additional cost. 

Reporting to Parents

Reporting to parents/caregivers takes place four times a year through written reports and parent-teacher interviews. Written reports are issued in terms 2 and 4. Parent teacher interviews are conducted in terms 1 and 3.  Parents/caregivers are able to ask about their daughter’s progress at any time.