Giving to others to make a difference, together

At Otago Girls’ High School, service and volunteering are central to our school. We provide opportunities to create positive impacts within school, local, and global communities. Our focus is on fostering compassion, understanding, and inclusion. Students take an active role in supporting various charities, both locally and internationally, often leading fundraising efforts themselves. Additionally, they contribute to the betterment of our school community through a range of service initiatives.

This is evident in our involvement in Amnesty International, Enviroschools, Christmas hampers for Presbyterian Support Otago, Easter baskets for local rest homes, Former Refugee Cluster activities, Global Leadership Programme, Hillary Award, Relay for Life, Student Volunteer Army (SVA Awards), Tomahawk Lagoon Study and World Challenge and community collections for organisations.

Within our school community, numerous avenues for service await, from roles as librarians and canteen assistants to participation in Peer Support, Peer Tutoring and the Year 9 Sisters Programme to name a few.

  • Presbyterian Support Christmas hampers
  • Blood donations
  • Octacan appeal
  • Relay for Life 2024


We actively engage in our communities and care for our environment, achieving Green-Gold Enviroschools status in 2017 with a curriculum focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, we were proud finalists in the Zayed Sustainability Prize - Global High Schools category.

Hillary Award

The Hillary Award at Otago Girls’ High School challenges students to develop resilience, leadership, and a sense of adventure. By participating in this prestigious programme, students gain valuable life skills, contribute to their community, and embark on personal growth journeys. Join us in pursuing excellence and embracing the spirit of Sir Edmund Hillary.

Student Volunteer Army (SVA Awards)

The Student Volunteer Army Awards celebrate the dedication and impact of our students who actively engage in community service. These awards recognise and honour their commitment to making a positive difference, fostering a spirit of volunteerism, and developing leadership skills through meaningful contributions to society.

Global Leadership Programme

Our Global Leadership Programme at Otago Girls’ High School empowers students to develop and showcase the skills, attitudes, values, and knowledge needed to lead and participate in the global community. This programme inspires students to act, make a difference, and dream of a better world. Highlights include our vibrant Cultural Day and engaging talk series, fostering a spirit of global awareness and leadership.