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International Education Fees - 2024 & 2025


  4 Terms 3 Terms 2 Terms 1 Term
School Tuition $17000  $12750 $8500           $4250 
Homestay Fees (46 weeks $350 per week)  $16100 $12075 $8050    $4025
Homestay Placement Fee $350 $350 $350 $350
Disbursement/Examination Fee Deposit $1400 $1400 $1400 $1400
Insurance (approximate) $646 $501 $373 $268
Uniform (summer and winter) $900 $900 $900 $450
Administration Fee $300 $300 $300 $300

School Tuition Fees

School tuition fees cover the provision of tuition including English Language classes. Kindly note: outdoor education courses, visual arts courses, camping trips, ski trips,and similar elective/extra activities are not included in these fees.

Homestay Fees

The homestay fees cover a period of 46 weeks (four terms) and includes term holidays.

Disbursement / Examination Fee Deposit

The disbursement deposit is used to pay accounts incurred by students during the time they are studying at Otago Girls’ High School.  These accounts may include examination fees, visa processing fees and the school learning management system. The disbursement deposit is also used for student emergencies.

School Stationery

Students are expected to provide their own stationery for use at school.  Stationery can be purchased from any stationery shop once the student has made her subject selection.

Examination Fees

Students who sit NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) examinations are required to pay the examination fee set by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.  Examination fees are deducted from the individual student’s disbursement deposit.


The Director of International Students will assist international students to purchase their uniform upon arrival in Dunedin. New and second-hand uniform items can be purchased.  The school operates a second-hand uniform shop where good quality second-hand uniforms may be bought and sold.

Unused funds

Any funds remaining in the disbursement deposit account of a student will be refunded to the student following the completion of their education at Otago Girls’ High School.