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Celebrating Success Beyond School

Georgia Pope: Achievements Since 2018

Post-High School Journey

After graduating in 2018, Georgia Pope enrolled in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program at Otago Polytechnic. She won the 2021 NZIA Southern Branch Student Award and a silver medal at the 2022 Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Awards for her Kaituna Wetland Project, gaining national attention and opportunities to speak at architectural events and work with the Dunedin City Council.

Upon graduating in 2021, Georgia worked as an architectural designer before returning to Otago Polytechnic in 2023 for a Masters of Architecture (Professional). She won gold at the 2023 Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Awards and had an essay published in the Otago Polytechnic Scope Magazine. On track to be the first female graduate architect from Otago Polytechnic, she now works part-time at Bell + Co Architecture.

Current Role

As a graduate architect at Bell + Co Architecture, Georgia blends creativity and technical skill. She designs high-end residential projects, produces 3D models and technical drawings, and collaborates on-site with engineers, builders, and clients. Her role allows her to push design boundaries and make a positive impact on the built environment.

Passion for the Role

Georgia loves the combination of creativity and practicality in her job, exploring innovative design solutions and creating meaningful, sustainable spaces. Seeing her designs come to life and positively affect people and the environment is incredibly rewarding.

High School Highlight

Georgia’s favorite high school moments were in the workshop during Hard Materials and Design and Visual Communications classes, inspired by her teacher, Mr. Pickard. These experiences sparked her passion for design and construction.

Advice to Her Younger Self

Georgia would tell her younger self to never let gender define her aspirations or resilience. Embrace uniqueness, break down barriers, and pursue goals with confidence and determination.