Contact & Staff List

General Enquiries

Our office is open from 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday

Phone: (03) 474 0496
Fax: (03) 474 1668

International Phone: +64 3 474 0496
International Fax: +64 3 474 1668


Physical Address:
Otago Girls' High School
41 Tennyson Street
Dunedin, Otago 9016
New Zealand

Useful Contacts:

Attendance Office: (03) 471 9727
Guidance Counsellor: (03) 471 9729
Careers: (03) 471 9722
Caretaker: (03) 477 3264
Gymnasium: (03) 471 9721


Board of Trustees

Mr Peter Hogan

Mr Peter Hogan (Board Chairperson)

Mrs Erolia Rooney

Mrs Erolia Rooney (Parent Representative, Deputy Chairperson)

Mrs Lyn Hurring

Mrs Lyn Hurring (Parent Representative)

Mrs Jacqui McFadgen

Mrs Jacqui McFadgen (Parent Representative)

Mrs Rowena Monson

Mrs Rowena Monson (Co-opted member, Chairperson Finance & Property Committee)

Mrs Nicki Paterson

Mrs Nicki Paterson (Parent Representative, Chairperson Disciplinary Committee)

Mr David Smillie

Mr David Smillie (Parent Representative)

Mr Simon Pickard

Mr Simon Pickard (Staff Representative)

Sabrina Swerdloff

Sabrina Swerdloff (Student Representative)

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Rowan Taigel

Ms Rowan Taigel (Deputy Principal, English Teacher)
BA, PGDipGrad, MoE Accredited PLD Facilitator, CORE Education Fellow 2014

Mrs Bridget Davidson

Mrs Bridget Davidson (Assistant Principal, Geography and English Teacher)
BA(Hons), DipTchg

Mrs Sue Porter

Mrs Sue Porter (Assistant Principal, Mathematics and English Teacher)
MTchg, BEd, Dip Tchg, Cert Ed.Mgt (Otago Uni) Cert Gifted Ed

Teaching Staff

Mrs Robyn Bazsika

Mrs Robyn Bazsika (Careers Advisory, Digital Technology Teacher)
DipTchg, PGDipEd(Couns&Guid), NDBE

Mrs Katherine Boomer

Mrs Katherine Boomer (Dean of International Students, English Language Teacher)
BA, DipTchg, Cert TESOL, Cert TEAL

Ms Alvina Brown

Ms Alvina Brown (Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Teacher)
BCom, Grad Dip Tchg & Lrning

Mrs Amy-Lee Budd

Mrs Amy-Lee Budd (Digital Technology Teacher)
BDes(Fash), GradDipTeaching, PGDip(Applied Practice)

Mrs Nicola Chapman

Mrs Nicola Chapman (English and English Language Teacher)
BA(Hons), DipGrad (Information Design), DipGradTching (Sec)

Mrs Marcelle Clements

Mrs Marcelle Clements (HOD Physical Education)
BPhysEd, BComm, DipTchg Physical Education

Mrs Christine Cook

Mrs Christine Cook (HOD Technology, Home Economics and Food Technology Teacher)
Dip Home Economics

Ms Rosie Joyce

Ms Rosie Joyce (Assistant Head of Benjamin House, Media Studies, Geography and English Teacher)
BA, GradDipTchg

Miss Abbie Law

Miss Abbie Law (Assistant Head of Cruickshank House, Spanish and Dance Teacher)
BPhysEd, B Tchg (Sec)

Mrs Michelle Matthews

Mrs Michelle Matthews (Physical Education and Outdoor Education Teacher)
BPhysEd, DipTchg

Mrs Vicki Millar

Mrs Vicki Millar (Head of Benjamin House, Science and Chemistry Teacher, SENCO)
BSc, DipTchg

Mrs Erin Mitchell

Mrs Erin Mitchell (Assistant Head of Allan House, TIC Peer Support, History, Tourism and Social Studies Teacher)
B. Ed (PE), GradDipTchLrn (Sec)

Mrs Tracy Munro

Mrs Tracy Munro (Acting HOD Social Sciences, Geography and Social Sciences Teacher)
BA, DipTchg, DipGrad

Mr Simon Pickard

Mr Simon Pickard (PB4L Coach, Design & Visual Communication and Hard Materials Teacher)
BFA, DipTchg

Dr Ian Phillips

Dr Ian Phillips (HOD Science, Chemistry and Science Teacher)
PhD (Chemistry), BSc(Hons), MRSC, DipTchg

Ms Catherine Robson

Ms Catherine Robson (Art, Photography and Art History Teacher)
DipFineArts,(Photography), DipTchg

Mr Mac Te Ngahue

Mr Mac Te Ngahue (Maori and Social Studies Teacher, Wairua Puhou Coordinator)
BA, GradDipTchg

Ms Bronwyn Thomson

Ms Bronwyn Thomson (Japanese and English Language Teacher)
BA, GradDipTchg, MTESOL,Dip Career Counselling

Miss Moira Young

Miss Moira Young (Head of Cruickshank House, Teacher of Mathematics, Outdoor Education and Physical Education)
BEd, DipTchg

Support Staff

Mr Peter Grimsey

Mr Peter Grimsey (Maintenance Team)

Ms Tracy Lowe (Canteen Manager)

Mrs Tracy Phillips

Mrs Tracy Phillips (Teacher Aide)