Senior Leadership Team

Leading into the future

Introducing our Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team consists of the Principal, Mrs Bridget Davidson, and three Deputy Principals: Mrs Sue Porter, Ms Kathryn Dick and Mr Chris Richards. With talents and strengths across all areas of the school, the team works collaboratively and passionately to achieve meaningful outcomes for all students.

Mrs Bridget Davidson


Strategic Leadership, School Board, School Culture, Prefects and Assemblies, School Relationships, Māori Students, Marketing and International Business, Finance, Property, Human Resources, Multi-ethnic Initiatives

Mrs Sue Porter

Deputy Principal Wellbeing

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care of students, including Learning Support, Whānau classes and Peer Support programmes, Attendance, Whole school activities, Year 8 transition to high school, Day-to-day scheduling

Ms Kathryn Dick

Deputy Principal Curriculum

Teaching and Learning, NCEA, Communications, Arts, Professional Learning and Development, Positive Behaviour for Learning, Disciplinary processes, Alumni, Pacific students, Scholarship

Mr Chris Richards

Deputy Principal Systems

Timetabling, Reporting and Information, Sport and House activities, Disciplinary processes, Health and Safety, Emergency procedures, Examinations, Relieving teachers, Distance learning opportunities