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We currently have limited space for students at all year levels - place contact the school for further information.

Open Night 28 July 2020

Our Open Night will taken place on Tuesday 28 July 2020 with three separate pre-booked guided tours taking place at 4pm,  5pm and 6pm.  Details about how to book a place on these tours will be available on this site soon and will also be outlined in the Enrolment packs delivered to Year 8 students via their schools.

You will also have the opportunity to book a private school tour for your family in the fortnight following the Open Night date, prior to applications for Year 9 students closing at 4pm on Thursday 13 August.

Open Night is always a highlight of our school year and our students enjoy the opportunity to share their school with potential students and their families. Please keep checking this site for updates.


Why choose a girls' school?

Because girls have a far better chance to learn in a single sex school, and girls are therefore more successful in national examinations.

Because the focus of school life is on the strengths and individual nature of girls.

Because the strong academic focus will be targeted to the unique learning needs of young women.

Because girls can learn and participate in a secure environment without fear of social failure.

Because leadership and accomplishment in every area are in the hands of girls.

Because there are fewer harmful social pressures on girls to grow up too quickly.

Why choose Otago Girls' HIgh School?

We have a long, proven record of academic excellence.

We foster talents in music, art, public speaking and drama.

We offer coaching for participation in top level sport.

We provide an unrivalled variety of activities outside the classroom, with something to involve every girl.

We provide a large range of additional programmes to extend the able and assist those needing extra help.

All students take part in a cross curriculum thinking skills programme.

We are large enough to offer the full range of option choices and small enough for every girl to be treated as an individual.

We have an unequalled tradition of success in educating girls.



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