Otago Girls' High School has a robust and vibrant academic programme. Students at each level have a choice of over twenty subjects, including six languages. The size of our school provides girls with choice and flexibility.

Our programmes of learning encourage and support students to become confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learners. A key tool in achieving this is the provision of e-Learning opportunities made possible through our vast wireless network. All students have access to this e-Technology. We encourage students to bring and use their own devices at school.

All teachers deliberately teach creative and critical thinking skills in the classroom. Students learn to move beyond recall and understanding, to analysing, evaluating and synthesising information.

The curriculum offered at Otago Girls' enables every girl to develop self-confidence; explore a range of learning, leisure and sports skills; extend special interests and talents; participate in social action; and make correct choices based on her abilities and interests while pursuing the goal of excellence.

Students excel in NCEA qualifications at all levels and we are proud of our outstanding results, which each year, include numerous scholarships of various types. Students receive excellent preparation for tertiary study.

Please visit our extensive Careers website to see the full view of our curriculum.