When You Arrive

Orientation Programme

This programme is run by the International Student Director.  The new student will be sent orientation information to help her prepare for arrival at Otago Girls’ High School.  New students are welcomed at Dunedin Airport, introduced to their homestay family, and taken to their new home. On commencement of study at school, the International Student Director and the student will meet with the Principal to discuss subject choices and timetable arrangement. The new student will be introduced to her subject teachers. As part of the orientation programme, kiwi sisters are arranged to help new students settle into class.

The International Student Director will assist the student to open a bank account if required. The student will also get help with purchasing stationery for each curriculum subject. 

Your first week at Otago Girls’

The staff that will welcome you and look after you. 

From Left: Mrs A Stephenson (International Director), Mrs K Boomer (International Dean and EL teacher), Mrs B Davidson (Principal).

Before you start school

If you arrive a few days before school starts, you can come into the school office and we can help with your school uniform. You can choose from a second hand one from our school shop, or we will help you buy a new one. We have a summer uniform and winter uniform. You can buy both at the same time, or just the one you need to wear at that time. You must also get an Otago Girls’ school bag.

If you start school the day after you arrive, we will organize your uniform on your first day.

You must be wearing your uniform before you start classes.

Day One

What to bring
Pen and paper, your lunch, your passport and insurance paper, a smile.

What will happen?   

Come to school at 8.40am. When you arrive, come to the main school office.

The International Manager, Mrs Stephenson, will ask to see your passport and insurance so that she can take a copy. She will also talk about your bank account and will help you if you need to set up a new one. Then she will take you to the EL class to meet the teachers and students. You will stay there until you can meet with the Principal, Mrs Davidson. While you are in the EL class you will be given a tour of the school, and another international student (buddy) will help you to find your way around.  They will talk about what time you can have morning tea and when lunchtime is. Feel free to ask about anything you like, all the international students understand how you feel.

What next?

When you meet Mrs Davidson, she will ask you what subjects you would like to study at Otago Girls’. She will also ask you what sports and cultural/musical activities you would like to do and what your future plans are. Once she has this information, you will go to class until your timetable is loaded on the computer.

Day Two

Bring a pen and paper, your lunch and money or bank card to buy books (about $200).

At 8.40am, come to the school office and pick up your timetable. Take it to the EL class and your new buddy will explain how it works. You will have a form (home room) class and you will have a buddy there too.

Once you feel ready, you can start going to class. Your teacher will be expecting you. When the bell rings, you will go to your next class.

In each class your subject teacher will tell you what books you need to buy and give you a list with prices.   

You can buy your books from the school office and someone in your subject class will help you to do this.

Once you have your books, you may decide that you need a locker. Please ask your buddy to take you to the office, where you can organise a locker to store your books.

Days Three, Four and Five

Bring a pen and paper, your new timetable , your lunch, a smile.

Today you will go straight to your period one class on your timetable.

After periods one and two, there will be a twenty minute interval, then period three class before lunch. After lunch you will go to period four and then period five class. Then you are finished for the day.

Sometime over the next few days you will be taken to the school library to get your student ID photo taken.

If you are not sure about anything at all, please feel free to ask!