School Board

So who is on the Board and what do they do?
The School Board is made up of parents and staff. The group of parents has been elected by the parents and
caregivers of our students. Currently Otago Girls’ has six parent representatives who aim to represent the
views of the wider school community:

  •  Sharon Knowles (Presiding member) 
  •  Deb Tasi-Cordtz (Deputy)
  •  Shane de la Harpe
  •  Ricky Hohaia-Fife
  •  Beth Chisholm
  •  Shakila Rizwan
  • Kyla Mullen

Together with the staff representative, Terry Curtis, who is elected by the staff and the Principal, Bridget
Davidson, who automatically sits on the Board we also have a student representative, Laura Allison,
who is elected by her fellow students.

What is ‘governance’?
Governance is a funny word. It comes from the German word ‘gubernare’ and means ‘to steer’. In short, the
board has the responsibility of steering Otago Girls’ High School:

  •  Working towards the school vision (Leadership and Strategic Planning)
  •  Ensuring we are meeting our legal responsibilities (Accountability)
  •  Representing the school community (Representation)
  •  Being a good employer (Employer)

The board’s core responsibilities include:

  •  Setting a school vision (Where are we heading?)
  •  Monitoring progress towards the school vision (Are we there yet?)
  •  Involving all those who have an interest in the school doing well (e.g., students, parents, teachers, staff, Ministry of Education)
  •  Appointing and supporting the principal
  •  Being accountable (Are we using money wisely?)
  •  Managing risks (Is the school safe for all?)
  •  Writing policies and procedures to guide in tricky situations.
  •  Knowing the relevant legislation and following the law
  •  Monitoring all school activities (Is everything as good as it could be?)
  •  Influencing decisions and finances (Are we budgeting properly?)
  •  Reporting to parents, staff, Ministry of Education (Here’s what’s happening)
  •  Setting high standards for our own performance (What can we do better?)

The board is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school which is the principal’s responsibility.
The Board’s role is to look at the BIG PICTURE and to ‘govern’ the school.

The Board Presiding member can be contacted

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